Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nielsen's Q3 numbers are out: Android's still atop the OS chain, Apple remains number one manufacturer -

Nielsen's Q3 numbers are out: Android's still atop the OS chain, Apple remains number one manufacturer -

Another quarter has come and gone, and you know what that means: Nielsen ratings are out again. The latest batch of numbers don't reveal anything wildly new, but they're still just as telling nonetheless: 44 percent of mobile subscribers in the US use a smartphone in the US. Of those, 71 percent are in possession of an Android device or an iPhone. Additionally, 56 percent of all phone purchases during the third quarter were smartphones. And -- this probably won't come as a surprise to anyone -- at a decisive 42 percent, Android remains the number one smartphone OS while Apple is still perched firmly on top as the leading manufacturer (28 percent). Check out the source link below and graph above for more of the tiny details.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Windows 8 public beta set to arrive February 2012, allegedly-

Citing sources close to Microsoft, TheNextWeb, claims that the Windows 8 public beta is set for release in February 2012.
gsmarena 002 Windows 8 public beta set to arrive February 2012, allegedly
There’s nothing set in stone so, you know, don’t hold your breath until we hear something official. Still it doesn’t seem that unlikely as Windows 8 is expected in 2012 anyway and the MWC 2012 is a big event, a fitting place for presenting a converged desktop/mobile OS. The next iteration of Microsoft’s OS will be the first to be designed to work on both desktops and mobile devices like tablets.
If you’re keen to try out the new Metro UI on your PC (or Mac) you can check out this article for download links. It’s free to try and works pretty much fine and without major hiccups. It’s also pretty easy to install, hopefully taking less of your precious time too.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyan Nokia Lumia 800 hits Three UK - news

25 November, 2011

If you like the Nokia Lumia 800, but find its primary black color a bit too conservative for your taste, we've got some great news for you. The cyan version of the WP smartphone just went on sale at the UK carrier Three.
The news was confirmed by the company's official Twitter account, but its official website still doesn't mention anything about a cyan Lumia 800. So, if you want to get yourself a shiny new cyan unit, you'd have to visit one of Three's brick and mortar stores.
But for the different color of the non-painted plastic unibody, the cyan Lumia 800 is identical to its black sibling. There are no changes to either the materials used or the internals of the device, but we guess the color change is enough to make it targeted at quite different audience.
It's yet unclear when the other carriers will get the cyan and pink versions of the Lumia 800, but those should come up soon enough.

Friday, November 18, 2011

4.3-Inch Nokia Lumia 900 Gets Leaked By Nokia (Video) -

4.3-Inch Nokia Lumia 900 Gets Leaked By Nokia (Video) -


It’s only been a couple weeks since Nokia debuted their first Windows Phones, but today we’re getting something a little less official. The Nokia Lumia 900 has found its way to YouTube thanks to none other than Nokia themselves. Apparently the Finnish phone maker posted a video to court developers, promising them the combination of “Nokia’s stunning hardware” and “a dynamic Microsoft OS.”

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nokia kills the Nokia 600, no need to call the CSI team - news

01 November, 2011

Remember that there was a third Symbian Belle smartphone that was announced along with the Nokia 700 and 701? If you do, Nokia might have to kill you as the company has obviously pulled the plug on the Nokia 600 and is determined to pretending that it never happened.

Nokia World 2011: Live coverage -

GSMArena team, 25 October 2011.


Today marked the beginning of the Windows Phone era for Nokia. The company announced to make the Micorosft platform its primary OS just before the MWC in February, but it's only now, at Nokia World that it finally had actual products to show us.
The Nokia CEO, Steven Elop, stepped on stage and unveiled the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. The Lumia 800 borrows the Nokia N9 unibody design and comes with a 3.7" ClearBlack AMOLED, a 1.4GHz Scorpion CPU, 512 MB of RAM and 16GB of storage under the hood.
Nokia World

Samsung mobile division breaks records in Q3, total profit falls - news

28 October, 2011
Samsung just posted its Q3 results and reported that its consolidated profits were lower compared to the previous quarter. The conglomerates division brought in a total of KRW 41.27 trillion in revenue ($37.3 billion) and KRW 3.44 trillion of profit ($3.11 billion).
The sales are up 3% YoY and 5% sequentially, but their net profit is down 23% compared to Q2 of 2010 and 2% sequentially.
However, things are much rosier if you focus on the Mobile phone division only. Samsung mobile phones sales rose "low 20%" on QoQ and "high 20%" YoY. The company become the world's leading smartphone manufacturer selling 27.8 million in the past three months, overtaking Apple, which only managed 17.1 million.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nokia 800 Sun coming up on Wednesday, will there be more? - news

24 October, 2011
So, Nokia World starts in a couple of days in London, and the world is expecting to see Nokia's first Windows Phone-based smartphones. The Finns announced they are switching to the Microsoft platform in February, but only now are we going to see an actual device, resulting from this partnership.

What to expect on the event then?

Nokia 800 teaser hits UK's TV channels one second at a time - news

23 October, 2011

With barely three days left until Nokia World kicks off in London, a series of one second long teasers has hit the TV channels in the UK, showcasing some of the design highlights in the upcoming Nokia 800.
The teasers are very much in line with the previously leaked, disco/metro UI themed promo images of the Windows Phone running smartphone. You can see them put together in a single video clip below.

With the press shots of the Nokia 800 out in the wild as well, all we are left to do, is wait for the official announcement in the next few days. Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, confirmed to be coming to Verizon before the end of 2011 -

It would appear that newly announced Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with its Ice Cream Sandwich goodness will also be making an appearance in LTE form.
gsmarena 001 The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, confirmed to be coming to Verizon before the end of 2011
But just the other day, Samsung and Google’s Unpacked Event in Hong Kong brought the next evolutionary step of Android to the fore. Two key announcments of course came out of the event; the coming of Android 4.0, dubbed Ice Cream Sandwich, and a vessel with which to carry it into the market, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Google Q3 profits beat estimates, 190M Androids activated - news

14 October, 2011
Larry Page, who not so long ago took over as Google's CEO, handed in the company's Q3 financial results with a big smile on his face. Revenues were up 33% Year-on-Year (YoY) to $9.72 billion.
Of that cool 31% transferred into operating income ($3.06 billion) and 24% ($2.21 billion) went to advertisers. The same numbers for last year's Q3 were 35% ($2.55 billion) and 26% ($1.81 billion).

Friday, October 14, 2011

Belle-powered Nokia 603 goes official with a 1GHz CPU and NFC - news

13 October, 2011 
Nokia introduced a new member of its family of Symbian Belle-running smartphones. The Nokia 603 is a youthful looking, compact smartphone with a 3.5" ClearBlack LCD with IPS technology and a 1 GHz CPU.
The Nokia 603 screen has nHD resolution (360 x 640 pixels) and 1000 nits brightness, so it's probably the same unit that we saw on the Nokia 701. The smartphone offers quad-band 2G and tri-band 3G with 14 Mbps HSDPA and 5.7 Mbps HSUPA.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

WP Nokia 800 Sun official photos surface, N9 meets its long-lost twin - news

10 October, 2011 
Just over two weeks before Nokia World kicks off and the Finnish company unveils its first WP smartphones, we got official photos of one of them. Promo materials of Nokia 800, which was previously rumored as Lumia just popped up, confirming that it will be one of the Nokia smartphones to appear at the event.
As you can see, the Nokia 800 body is almost identical to that of the Nokia N9. We've been playing with MeeGo-running flagship of the Finns for the past few days and we cannot see any reason why using the same design on a WP7 smartphone would be a bad idea.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Affordable S40-running Nokia X2-05 and C2-05 announced - news

11 October, 2011 

Today Nokia unveiled a couple of new entry-level additions to its portfolio of mobile phones. The Nokia X2-05 and Nokia C2-05 are S40-running handsets with QVGA screens that should fit easily in any budget.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nokia N9 arrives at the office - promises to stay longer this time [VIDEO] -

A most welcome guest came by our office today. The MeeGo powered Nokia N9 arrived with its shiny in-depth colored body and gorgeous AMOLED and this time it will stay with us for a full review.
bigpic Nokia N9 arrives at the office   promises to stay longer this time [VIDEO]
You can bet that one of the most interesting smartphones of the season is receiving the attention it deserves in our lab, but we know the waiting until the review is complete is killing you. That’s why we did what we usually do and prepared a quick hands-on video for you to give you an idea of what to expect.

Nokia N9 vs iPhone 4 browser speed test [VIDEO] -

Chances are that the Nokia N9 has either just hit or it’s making its way towards a shop near you. And if you are considering splashing out the cash for the sleek MeeGo handset, its browser performance might be of importance to you.
gsmarena 001 Nokia N9 vs iPhone 4 browser speed test [VIDEO]

Nokia C5-06 and C5-05 pop up, are cheaper versions of C5-03 - news

07 October, 2011 
Couple of new Nokia phones appeared on Nokia's European website today. Rather than successors to the Nokia N9, the Finnish manufacturer has developed some variations of the C5-03, namely the C5-05 (also known as the C5-04 for the Canadian market only) and the C5-06.

Symbian Belle roll-out to start on October 26 - news

07 October, 2011 
All Nokia smartphones, which already got the Anna update and the ones running it out of the box, will be updated with Symbian Belle on October 26. It will be available through Ovi Suite and as an OTA update.
So, the update is coming for the Nokia's N8, C7, E7 and C6-01, as well for the E6, X7 and hopefully, the Nokia 500.

Nokia Tweet claims this information is like 100% sure. October 26 is also the day when Nokia World 2011 kicks in, so we guess we can put some money on it. We guess we'll know for sure in three weeks.

Nokia Link is the magic that connects your Nokia N9 to your computer -

If you just bought yourselves a shiny new Nokia N9, you are probably eager to connect it to your computer and fill those 16 or 64 GB with tons of multimedia. And, boy, does Nokia have the tool for you.
gsmarena 001 Nokia Link is the magic that connects your Nokia N9 to your computer
The Finnish company has just posted an article on their blog, dedicated to Nokia Link – the software kit that makes the connection between your N9 and your computer seamless. Available as a free download for Windows 7, Mac Snow Leopard and Mac Lion, Nokia Link only takes a minute to set up.

Want To See The Next Version Of Android? A Bevy Of Ice Cream Sandwich Screenshots Leaks -

Want To See The Next Version Of Android? A Bevy Of Ice Cream Sandwich Screenshots Leaks -

Oh, what’s that Google/Samsung? You’ve canceled next week’s Ice Cream Sandwich/Nexus Prime event? That’s cool. I mean, sure: pretty much all of the tech press has non-refundable plane tickets and hotel rooms already… but hey: at least we all get to work from San Diego for a few days now!
Regardless, most of what they would’ve announced is leaking out now anyway. The latest leak to spring up: a series of beautiful screenshots capturing Ice Cream Sandwich in full detail.
As you might’ve expected from the constant chatter that Ice Cream Sandwich would bring the overhauled look and feel of Honeycomb’s tablet interface to phones, Ice Cream Sandwich… looks like Honeycomb running on a smaller screen. And it looks crazy beautiful.
What do you think? Do you prefer the original, vanilla Android, or the new, Tron-tastic look of ICS?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Statement by Apple’s Board of Directors On The Death Of Steve Jobs -

Statement by Apple’s Board of Directors On The Death Of Steve Jobs -


Steven Paul Jobs was 56. He died from advanced pancreatic cancer that he had been publicly fighting since 2004. He, along with co-founder Steve Wozniak, built one of the most “commercially successful” personal computers and founded Pixar animation studios.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Here’s Apple’s iPhone 4S Video Official Review

Here’s Apple’s iPhone 4S Video Official Review

4S Video

Can’t navigate around Apple’s site right now because their servers are melting? Still want to see the snazzy 5 minute video they made to introduce the iPhone 4S?
Don’t worry — Here It Is.

First Apple iPhone 4S camera samples surface, look stunning - news

04 October, 2011 
The Apple iPhone 4S might not have been the update everyone was expecting, but it certainly delivers well on the camera front. Not only is this the fastest camera around, but it also promises to do some of the most impressive photos you have seen.
As Tim Cook boldly claimed "To many customers this will be the best still camera they've ever owned and the best video camera they've ever owned.". Now to say such things for a camera that fits in a 9.3mm body is probably pushing it, but the 8 megapixel snapper with bright f/2.4 lens certainly sounds promising. Even more so, knowing that the iPhone 4 was one of the best 5 megapixel shooters around.
Still, Apple are ready to put their latest smartphone where its mouth is and has released a bunch of camera samples captured with the iPhone 4S on its website. We don't know how serious a photographic effort those shots took, but they certainly look stunning.
Apple iPhone 4S Apple iPhone 4S

Apple unveils iPhone 4S with dual-core CPU and 8MP camera - news

04 October, 2011 
Apple just unveiled the newest member of its iPhone lineup of smartphones. Dubbed the iPhone 4S, the latest offering by the Cupertino-based company is more of an incremental upgrade than a complete overhaul of the iPhone 4. Design and dimensions stay the same, but there's a notable increase in processing power.

The Apple iPhone 4S comes with the A5 chipset, which is the SoC that powered the iPad 2. It comes with a dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU and PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU, which as we know is a pretty powerful combo.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BBM for Android should be available by 2012, get your thumbs ready

You read correctly, we heard rumblings of such peculiar goings on for a little while prior to this post, and this is just adding to the rumor mill.

gsmarena 001 BBM for Android should be available by 2012, get your thumbs ready 

Purportedly the iPhone 4S is to play as guinea pig for the iOS build of BlackBerry’s Messenger service and now we are hearing through the grapevine that Android users might get in on some BBM action too.
We can’t avoid stoking the fires of speculation here, but of course following tomorrow’s iPhone-centric announcement in Cupertino, our guesses today might be carrying a little more weight.

Nokia WP7-powered Sea Ray, Sabre and Ace specs leak - news

03 October, 2011 

With Nokia World just around the corner (October 26-27), rumors about the long sought-after WP7-smartphones of the Finns are starting to intensify. Today we got a particularly juicy bit of online gossip, which claims to reveal the specs of the first three Nokia WP7 smartphones.

Nokia Ace

The most interesting of the bunch is codenamed Nokia Ace and will, reportedly, come with a 4.3" ClearBlack AMOLED, 1.4GHz CPU and 16GB of internal storage. The Ace will also features an 8MP autofocus camera with Carl Zeiss-certified lens, HSPA+ connectivity and an ample 1800 mAh battery.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

PSA: The AT&T Galaxy S II Has A Pretty Terrible Security Flaw [Update: Confirmed By Samsung!] -

PSA: The AT&T Galaxy S II Has A Pretty Terrible Security Flaw [Update: Confirmed By Samsung!] -

The AT&T Galaxy S II is a lot of things. It’s fast. It’s thin. It’s pretty damn nice to look at. But secure? Yeah, not really.
In what seems to be an almost inexcusable oversight, it appears that the pattern lock (the thing that keeps prying eyes from prying) on AT&T’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II is… pretty much useless.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nokia lets you explore an animated demo of Symbian Belle in the comfort of your Facebook

If you’ve got a Symbian phone you are probably eagerly waiting for the Belle update to hit your phone. We did try to help make the wait more bearable with our detailed Belle review and now Nokia seems to have something more for you.
gsmarena 001 Nokia lets you explore an animated demo of Symbian Belle in the comfort of your Facebook
The company has created an interactive Symbian Belle demo that you can enjoy right from the comfort of your Facebook account. It even uses your contacts and everything.

Nokia to close its Romanian factory by the end of the year - news

29 September, 2011 
Nokia re-organization continues and the next step hits the workforce and operations. Nokia has just announced it will close its factory in Romania by the end of this year and will focus on re-organizing its other factories outside Asia - in Salo, Finland; Komarom, Hungary; and Reynosa, Mexico.
Closing the factory in Cluj, Romania, will leave approximately 2200 people unemployed. Nokia promises to help those people find new jobs though.

Additional 1300 employees from Location & Commerce (NAVTEQ, Social services, etc) Nokia division will be affected by those reorganizations. Those are spread around the world through Berlin and Bonn in Germany; Boston, Chicago and Malvern in USA; and even more cities. Nokia will close the sites in Bonn and Malvern, while the rest will be probably reduced.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Galaxy S II global sales pass the 10 million mark - news

25 September, 2011

The hit smartphone Galaxy S II has surpassed the 10 million landmark in global sales. It managed to achieve this in just five months of going on sale.

The previous record holder in Samsung's fleet was the Samsung Star S5230, which managed to cross the 10 million mark in six months. The hot selling Galaxy S managed to achieve the same in about seven months. Being significantly more expensive than both, the fact that the Galaxy S II managed to reach the sales figure in a shorter period of time is quite an achievement.
Then again, this is not surprising. The Galaxy S II has struck a chord with the smartphone buyers thanks to its awesome features and performance and people are shoveling their money at Samsung just to get their hands on the best smartphone on the market right now. Now that the phone has started selling in the US as well, the next landmark will probably take even less time.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Windows Phone Mango update coming in a couple of weeks-

The much anticipated WP 7.5 update – Mango is scheduled to start rolling out in a week or two says Eric Hautala (General Manager, Customer Experience Engineering at Microsoft).
gsmarena 001 Windows Phone Mango update coming in a couple of weeks
When the update is released users will also get some model-specific software from the manufacturers of their smartphones. That is required as Mango is tuned to work with each phone and its apps perfectly. The update is said to arrive in the next couple of weeks .
Eric Hautala also advises users to get the updated versions of Windows Phone 7 connector for Mac and Zune for PC, which have received a number of update-related improvements. He did address the issue of non-official firmwares, which he advises users to stand clear of, as they interfere with updates. Phones with unofficial software versions may be unable to receive the real Mango when it rolls out.

Windows 8 secure boot to make dual-booting difficult, Linux users grimace -

If you like to run your favorite Linux distribution alongside a copy of Windows on the same machine then you might want to stay away from Windows 8 computers. Thanks to a new secure boot in Windows 8, dual-booting might just become a thing of the past.

gsmarena 001 Windows 8 secure boot to make dual booting difficult, Linux users grimace

Now before I begin explaining, let me say that this will affect only those devices with a ‘Designed for Windows 8′ logo on them, so you can still install Windows 8 on your current computer and dual-boot it. The reason it won’t work on these branded computers is because of the UEFI or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface that these machines will be having instead of a traditional BIOS.

The UEFI requires a signing key installed on the firmware from the software maker or the OEM before booting into the OS. This makes it harder for malware to initiate when the system is booting. Unfortunately, this also means that an unsigned copy of Linux will not be able to run on a machine with such a firmware.

A workaround to this is to disable the secure boot option from within the firmware on the machine, but there is no guarantee that Microsoft will allow the hardware vendors to disable this option. Even if they do, hardware vendors may also choose to leave out the option in the interests of security. The other alternative is to use a signed version of the Linux or whichever other OS you plan to use (this also applies to older versions of Windows) but that’s not as easy as it sounds and comes with its own set of problems.

So basically Linux enthusiasts are advised to think twice before spending money on a Windows 8 branded machine. It would be better to assemble your own, which I’m sure is what most would do anyway.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Stephen Elop: First Nokia WP devices to come in Q4 2011 - news

14 September, 2011 

While in China negotiating business with major operators there Stephen Elop has went on record in an interview saying that the first Nokia Windows Phone devices will become available in Q4. He also added that availability will occur in a rollout that Nokia will sequence - one country after another.

This is great news and certainly clarifies yesterday's pseudo-official rumor that we'll have to wait until Q1 of 2012 - it now looks as though that concerns Australia only.
Elop also confirmed that his visit to China is in part concerned with negotiating the launch of the WP7 Nokia devices there, although he didn't specify as to which exactly.

Nokia 700 and 701 now shipping, give the world a first taste of Belle - news

14 September, 2011

Today Nokia announced through its Twitter account that it has started shipping its 700 and 701 smartphones. Those are the first handsets to run the Belle revision of Symbian and will, the Finns hope, put the start of the fightback.
Despite the very similar naming, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701 are quite different in terms of hardware. The 700 is a super slim and compact smartphone with a 3.2" AMOLED, whereas the 701 comes with a 3.5" IPS LCD (which we found to be the brightest display around) and a larger and heavier body.
What those two have in common is the 1GHz processors, which give them identical performance. We had the chance to spend some time with both the Nokia 700 and the Nokia 701 prior to their launch and we were pretty impressed by what they have to offer.
So, if you are still sitting on the fence on purchasing either of those two, we suggest you take some time and check out our previews. Go this was for the Nokia 700 or that way for the 701.

Microsoft Shows Off Tango Video Chat App On The HTC Titan -

Microsoft Shows Off Tango Video Chat App On The HTC Titan -


I’ve liked Windows Phone Mango since I first laid eyes on it, but the truth of the matter is that most of the features being implemented are merely catching up to competing platforms.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Microsoft unveils Windows 8, the next major release of its computer OS -

Today at its developer-focused BUILD conference Microsoft is showcasing (currently) the latest major release of its wide-spread Windows OS – dubbed Windows 8. It features a new UI – Metro Style, which looks like an overgrown version of its WP7 for smartphones, improvements on performance, security, privacy and reliability, and more.

gsmarena 001 Microsoft unveils Windows 8, the next major release of its computer OS

Windows 8 tries to substitute what we do with a mouse and keyboard with touch swipe gestures, while at the same time still providing the same experience if you want to go the peripheral way. The new Metro UI features the all-too-familiar live tiles from Windows Phone 7, which are implemented in the Metro UI’s Start Screen. This screen unites all of your live tiles, widgets, apps, people, content and more. It’s basically your main homescreen.