Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nokia N950 images emerge, give us a peek at the QWERTY - news

23 June, 2011

When Nokia announced the N950 MeeGo dev kit, they did it without any fanfare - without photos even. Now that injustice has been fixed and the aluminum-clad device is available to gawk at in a gallery of leaked official images.
The Nokia N9, the consumer-oriented MeeGo phone, got plenty of attention but all the N950 got was a text file detailing the differences between it and the N9. Sill, we know many MeeGo enthusiasts will prefer to get their hands on the developer-exclusive N950 than the touchscreen-only N9.

Nokia N950 official images
The images don't seem to be finalized (one of them actually has a label saying "This will be replaced with flash thingy") and we only get a glimpse of the QWERTY keyboard.
Also there are no photos of the back of the Nokia N950. We were hearing some rumors that the N950 actually packs a 12MP camera (plus there's this image from the leaked promo video from a while back) but we didn’t get anything solid to confirm this - so we were hoping a view of the back will finally settle this dispute.
Well, here are the rest of the Nokia N950 images for you to gorge your eyes on.

Nokia Android prototype leaks - see what could have been - news

24 June, 2011
Lots of people, us included, are still wondering what could have been if Nokia had gone for Android rather than WP7 as their main platform. Well thanks to a leaked prototype today we have the chance to get a glimpse of that alternative universe, where Nokia likes its smartphones full of green droids.
The prototype resembles the recently announced N9 and the Nokia WP7 prototype that we saw yesterday. It is running on a stock version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but judging by the size of those icons its resolution might be higher than WVGA.

АA Nokia prototype running on Android
Now there's always the chance that the images could be fake. Yet they come from the same source that brought us Nokia's first WP7 device back in May, which turned out real yesterday we feel we can trust him on this one too. In the end, we will never know what it could have been, so this leak could be as much a closure as we are going to get.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Here Are Some Photos Of Nokia's First Windows Phone, And It Looks Great -

Here Are Some Photos Of Nokia's First Windows Phone, And It Looks Great -

The beautiful N9 smartphone Nokia unveiled the other day was a good sign of things to come, as we hoped.

While the N9 runs MeeGo, an operating system that's innovative but won't ever make it big, Stephen Elop just unveiled a brand new phone from Nokia that looks just like the N9 but runs Windows Phone 7.
Apparently, Elop told reporters on scene to quit using their cameras, but obviously a few of them did and caught a glimpse of Nokia's first Windows Phone.
The phone is codenamed "Sea Ray" and differs from the N9 in that it has a camera shutter button on its side, dual-LEDs on the back, and is running Windows Phone 7 Mango, of course.
There's no word on a release date or price, but Stephon Elop has repeatedly promised a Nokia Windows Phone for 2012.
See below for a few a video and some pictures, and check out the link below to see how the N9 looks in action.