Friday, September 9, 2011

Samsung is the top smartphone vendor in Western Europe in Q2 - news

09 September, 2011 
The premier market intelligence firm IDC released its Q2 2011 mobile phone shipment estimates in Western Europe today, marking a fundamental shift in the market for mobile phones. For the first time, the smartphone shipments outnumbered the feature phone ones on the Old Continent.

A quad-core Windows 8-running tablet from Samsung coming next week? -

As far as news from the electronics business go, it doesn’t get much more exciting than this. If the latest bit of online rumor is true (and given that it comes from Korea Economic Daily that’s quite probable) we are just a week away from seeing the first Windows 8-running tablet. And the first tablet with a quad-core CPU. And the first Windows device with an ARM processor. And the best bit is, those aren’t three different devices.
gsmarena 001 A quad core Windows 8 running tablet from Samsung coming next week?
According to the industry source that went all chatty in front of the Korean newspaper, Samsung will manufacture the slate that will be given to developers at the upcoming Microsoft BUILD event next week. It will be running the software giant’s newest OS and will rely on NVIDIA’s Kal-El chipset.

Intel hasn't given up on MeeGo, looking for a partner in developing the OS -

The reports of MeeGo’s death are greatly exaggerated says Intel’s Vice President, Doug Fisher. And he should know – he’s also the General Manager of Intel’s System Software Solutions.

gsmarena 001 Intel hasnt given up on MeeGo, looking for a partner in developing the OS

Not dead yet, Symbian getting Microsoft Office apps -

Not dead yet, Symbian getting Microsoft Office apps -

Nokia phones running the new Symbian Belle software will gain more productivity applications in the form of Microsoft Office products. The first suite of tools, called Microsoft Apps, are expected by the end of the year with a widespread release in the beginning of 2012. A planned future update will bring Word, Power Point and Excel to Nokia’s recent smartphones by mid-2012.

For Blackberry, the lucky number 7? -

For Blackberry, the lucky number 7? -

Research in Motion is the favorite whipping boy of one and all. No surprise; the company that was closely associated with the concept of smartphones in the Americas has been taking it on the chin from upstarts like Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android-based devices. RIM has fumbled badly with its strategy and products. It has been lumbering and has gotten a lot of flak for its complicated management structure. Even the insiders have been fed-up.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nokia N9 European pricing confirmed by online stores - news

07 September, 2011 

A Romanian online retailer has listed the MeeGo-running Nokia N9 for €550 on pre-order. If you want a more trustful source, takes pre-orders, too, but it's demanding €620.
This Romanian retailer is taking the N9 pre-orders for €550 (a hat tip to Robert S. for pointing it out). For a gray market price it sounds reasonably for the launch, although it's more expensive than most of the high-end droids today.
The German Amazon also has the N9 on pre-order, but it's even more expensive - €620.

So these prices should give us the basic idea of what to expect at Nokia N9's launch. It will cost a small fortune for sure, but we bet it will drop price in a month or so. After all the N9 is a smartphone with limited availability and doubtful support, so pricing should reflect that.
Update: We also received a tip from a trustful source that Nokia N9 will launch in Norway at €570 (incl. taxes) near the end of this month.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nokia chooses Mexico as one of the lucky countries to get the N9 - news

06 September, 2011 
Nokia has added another country to the list that will be getting the N9 and if you live in Mexico you have a reason to rejoice, assuming you have any interest in the N9 at all.
Nuevo Nokia N9 - ¡Próximamente en México! #NokiaN9Mon Aug 29 00:30:04 via Nokia | Connecting People

Yes, some lucky Mexicans will getting their hands on the N9.

Nokia N8-01 (801?) leaks on video, looks smoking hot - news

03 September, 2011 

We just stumbled upon photos of a new Nokia smartphone. The device dubbed to be the Nokia N8's successor, is said to be called N8-01 (though, considering Nokia's new naming policy the Nokia 801 seems more likely) and features a qHD screen.
The images come from this Nokia 700 hands-on video, courtesy of the Greeks from Technoblog. While testing the Belle-running 700 video player, the review runs a video, which features the unannounced smartphone with an edge-to-edge curved screen.
Nokia 801 Nokia 801