Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beta of Nokia Maps 3.08 with Weather is out, brings cleaned up UI and pretty weather forecasts

Nokia Maps for Symbian is one of the best SatNav apps around and Nokia’s dev team is intent on making it better. Beta Labs just released a test version of Nokia Maps 3.08 with Weather, which brings a number of improvements, especially in the UI department.

gsmarena 001 Beta of Nokia Maps 3.08 with Weather is out, brings cleaned up UI and pretty weather forecasts

The new version offers more information before you start and while you’re driving, with an emphasis on live traffic info. It also comes with an attractive-looking dedicated weather app, which shows forecasts by the hour.

Nokia announces 100 and 101 - single and dual SIM on the cheap - news

25 August, 2011 

Hot on the heels of the new Symbian Belle phones are two Nokia phones that yet again redefine affordability. Meet the Nokia 100 and Nokia 101 - both are S30 phones targeting developing markets and have color screens and long lasting batteries on offer.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steve Jobs Begins Godfather Duties -

Steve Jobs Begins Godfather Duties -


Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple. This, of course, means that the company has had its spirit broken, its intellect blunted, its worth gutted. Except it doesn’t, quite. The Steve didn’t nurture this company from near-collapse to global powerhouse with snap decisions and daily briefings. No, he and his immensely capable team did it with design, forethought, and consistently staying a step or two ahead of the other guy. That’s not something that changes overnight.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We update to Symbian Anna: here's what's changed [REVIEW] -

Symbian Anna debuted a while ago with the Nokia X7 and the E6 but the original quartet of new generation Nokia phones that initially launched with Symbian^3 now gets to join in on the fun as well.
gsmarena 001 We update to Symbian Anna: heres whats changed [REVIEW]
We put a Nokia N8 through the update process and fiddled with it – then we decided you might be interested in a quick Symbian^3 vs. Symbian Anna comparison. X7 and E6 owners might not, but if you have a Nokia N8, C7, C6-01 or E7 you should check this out.

We’ll start off with how your phone to update to Anna. And while it’s going through the process, you can read through the rest of this article to see what changes you can expect.

Getting Symbian Anna

Before we start comparing Anna to its ^3 predecessor, we’ll go over how to update to Anna first. If you’ve bought an X7 or an E6, you’re all set, but those who have the Symbian^3 Nokias need to do this.

Official Symbian Belle update coming in two days - news

22 August, 2011 

Color us surprised! It was only last week that Nokia was done with the i-dotting and t-crossing of the Symbian Anna update and now they are ready to unveil the next Symbian iteration. Called Belle, the next Symbian version will be announced in just a couple of days, when the timer set up on the Nokia Facebook page reaches zero.
The Finnish company was obviously trying to build up some hype, suggesting that we held our collective breaths as the next big thing in Symbian approaches. However, someone forgot to rename the flash presentation and it was going by "Belle teaser" initially, so there won't be many surprises when the curtain is lifted.
Of course, Nokia could always surprise us by garnishing the Symbian Belle announcement with a new Symbian handset. There have been plenty of those in the rumor mill recently, but the 1GHz Nokia 700 seems like the most likely candidate if a new handset is to be unveiled on Wednesday.
Plus, we still don't know when the Belle update will actually be seeded to users so we'd be looking forward to finding that out too. So stay tuned and we'll keep you updated.
In case you are wondering what Symbian Belle is all about, feel free to check this video of its leaked version in action on a Nokia N8.

Nokia N8 gets a camera update with better UI and video recording - news

22 August, 2011 

It must feel quite good to be a Nokia N8 owner these days. First, there was the Symbian Anna update, which deals with quite a few of its usability issues and now Nokia brought the news that there's a camera update in the works for their former flagship.
The Nokia N8 camera update beta has already been released so if you don't mind a few bugs you don't need to wait anymore to get it. Just head to the Nokia Beta Labs website and take it for a spin. A registration is required though and you will need to have an N8 that's already running the Anna update.
The camera update itself is pretty major bringing a new UI that, according to Nokia, gives you faster access to essential camera controls. The UI was certainly one of the worst parts of the N8 camera and we appreciate Nokia's efforts to finally do something about it.

The other thing that got boosted by the update is video recording. The N8 finally got its video framerate cranked up to 30 fps and the continuous auto-focus features. So far, those were only available through an unofficial mod.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

How your phone betrays your location -

How your phone betrays your location -

Explained: Your phone transmits your location to anyone equipped to listen

The way cell towers work can give a fairly accurate idea of where you are, even if you're not making a call

"What's an azimuth?" my wife asked. For some reason, visions of naval battles came to mind. Cannons being aimed, orders shouted, shots fired, smoke and billowing sails.
Other than that, I couldn't come up with much. There was nothing for it but to check Wikipedia, where I learned that it's a direction for a projection of an object (usually a star) in 3D space onto a reference plane. So, in summary, a direction.
At this point, it's best to understand what my wife does for a living. She's a Deputy District Attorney, a prosecutor, in the Fourth Judicial District in Colorado. For a long while, she's headed up the Special Victims Unit (SVU, just like on the telly) in the office, prosecuting cases where the victims are the very young, very old, or those who need special help.