Friday, August 19, 2011

Samsung roadmap leaks again, adds a WP7 handset to the mix - news

18 August, 2011

Last week a few bits and pieces of the Samsung smartphone roadmap leaked and now we add more pieces to the puzzle.
We just got the expected release dates for most of the smartphones and the two tablets as well as a whole new addition to the Samsung lineup that will, reportedly, be running on Windows Phone 7.
So obviously Samsung hasn't given up on Windows Phone 7 just yet and it will be releasing the I8350 Omnia W sometimes this year. It will probably be running WP7 Mango on a 1GHz CPU and will be built around a 3.7" display. The rest of the Omnia W features that we know at this stage include a 5 MP camera, WiFi and GPS.
Here's what the whole picture looks like, now that we've added the extra info. The numbers in brackets show the target release week for each of the handsets. Make note, we're currently in the 33rd week of 2011.

Android smartphones

Samsung I9250 (W48) - 4.65" SuperAMOLED of HD resolution (1280x720 pixels), Android Ice Cream sandwich, 5 MP camera.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Symbian Anna update for Nokia N8 and E7 hits the Nokia servers - news

17 August, 2011 

Hey, Nokia fans, the wait is almost over. Nokia has uploaded the Symbian Anna firmware for E7 and N8 on its servers and the updates should start rolling out any moment now.

The Symbian community has been waiting for those updates since the announcement of the Symbian Anna back in April. It seems they are finally coming to the E7 and N8 smartphones all over the world.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Unofficial Symbian Belle firmware now available for the N8, you can try it if you dare

Nokia N8 hasn’t even received the official Anna update yet, but the most daring of its users are already rewarded with the next Symbian iteration – Belle. The files required for flashing Belle on your N8 are already available for download so if you are knowledgeable enough and decide that it’s worth voiding your warranty you might get it up and running right now.

gsmarena 001 Unofficial Symbian Belle firmware now available for the N8, you can try it if you dare

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nokia shares jump over 10 percent on Motorola acquisition news, investors expect a move from Microsoft -

Nokia shares jumped over 10 percent today (from €3.70 up to €4.09) after the news about Google acquiring Motorola Mobility. All this boosted the speculations that Nokia is being once again targeted for a takeover.

gsmarena 001 Nokia shares jump over 10 percent on Motorola acquisition news, investors expect a move from Microsoft

Nokia hasn’t been doing all that well recently with their shares down by 45 percent just this year, due to the poor financial results of the Finnish company. This has reduced the price and has made Nokia easier to acquire by companies such as Microsoft and Samsung (as the rumors have it).

Monday, August 15, 2011

Nokia N9 has FM radio and FM Transmitter on board - news

15 August, 2011 


The Nokia N9 is the first MeeGo handset to launch out of the Finish giant and the world seems to just can't get enough of it. And today we have some great news for you - despite Nokia's claims the N9 has FM radio receiver and an FM Transmitter in its premium-quality plastic body.
So while the Nokia N9 specs sheet claims that the smartphone has no FM radio, let alone FM transmitter the hardware is actually there. That was confirmed by no other than Nokia itself on one of its developer websites.

Google acquires Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion - news

15 August, 2011 


Google has announced it's going to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion ($40 per share). The Mountain View-based company plans to use Motorola's rich patent portfolio to help its Android platform in the numerous legal battles it's currently fighting, while Motorola itself should continue to function as before.
The first thing that should be noted is Motorola Mobility is not the entire Motorola. You might remember that the company split in two in January 2010 - Motorola Solution (being the direct successor of Motorola) and Motorola Mobility (a spin-off company handling the mobile devices business).
So, Google is buying Motorola's mobile division responsible for smartphones and tablets. The reson for the move is quite simple - to defend Android in the ongoing patent war.