Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nokia lowers Q2 outlook, promises WP7.5 smartphones in Q4 - news

Nokia revised its smartphones and services outlook for Q2 and full 2011 and there are some good news and some bad news to investors and users alike. The company will generate substantially less revenue from smartphones and services in Q2, but the Windows Phone smartphone development is going ahead of schedule.
With the sales of the Nokia current portfolio apparently not going according to plan the company says that it won’t be able to achieve its target revenue of €6.1 billion. The estimated operating margin of 6% to 9% will obviously be beyond reach for Nokia too with the revisited forecast suggesting a breakeven quarter.
The company is so far away from its targets that it has given up on its full 2011 forecasts altogether. It says that it will do everything it can to arrest the fall though including some restructuring that should be able to save about 1 billion a year from 2013 on.
On the positive side, the development of the first WP smartphones carrying the Nokia brand is obviously going well and the company is getting increasingly optimistic that it will be able to launch them in Q4.
As you can see the partnership with Microsoft is now vital to the future of Nokia so we really hope it works out. The software giant has already brought its mobile platform a huge step forward with the Mango update so we are now to see if Nokia will deliver on the hardware end.
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