Saturday, July 9, 2011

Microsoft demands royalties for every Samsung droid made - news

Microsoft is demanding Samsung to cash in $15 for every Android phone sold to date on the base of using several of Microsoft's patents in these devices. HTC as the first company to give in to Microsoft claims and Samsung is now next.
We bet you’re wondering what is actually infringing Microsoft patents in the Android OS and why Microsoft is not trying to get that money from Google.
Well, Microsoft believes the Linux-based operating systems are infringing its intellectual property in some way and Android OS is a Linux-based one. We are sure Microsoft has a well prepared case about what the Linux kernel infringement is, but we are not going to dig in there.
But why not sue Google then? The question perhaps has a very simple answer - Google is not makin any money from the distribution of the Android OS - it's the device manufacturers that make a profit out of it.
HTC obviously didn't have objection to these claims and were happy to sign a deal and pay $5 for each of their Android-based phones.
According to industry officials, Samsung is going to try negotiating a lower $10 fee in exchange for some kind of alliance between the two giants.

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