Thursday, September 1, 2011

Leaked slide shows Nokia 703 Windows Phone 7 handset - news

31 August, 2011 
So, is this finally it - Nokia's first Windows Phone 7 handset? Could be - it's allegedly from a presentation for a carrier and shows a device very much like the Sea Ray (it showed up on video too).

It's called Nokia 703.

The slide even lists some specs, which are unfortunately unreadable. Well, almost unreadable - you can clearly make out the categories and if you stare at it long enough, you start seeing even the fine print.

Nokia 703 leaked slide
Take this with a pinch, or better yet a handful of salt, but we think it says "LCD 480x800 pixels 3.7 inches" next to the "DISPLAY" label. And that looks an awful lot like "5MP" and "720p@30fps" next to the camera. As for the memory, it seems like it says 8GB storage and 512MB RAM. Horatio of CSI would be proud of us.
Now, what we're reporting here is a leaked slide with barely readable text so the actual device specs might be quite different - but if they turn out to be accurate, the Finns better have some compellingly low price for the Nokia 703 or it won't get very far.
Under General, the second word seems to start with an N, which would indicate a November launch - that would be in line with an October announcement at Nokia World and a launch the following month.

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