Friday, September 23, 2011

Windows Phone Mango update coming in a couple of weeks-

The much anticipated WP 7.5 update – Mango is scheduled to start rolling out in a week or two says Eric Hautala (General Manager, Customer Experience Engineering at Microsoft).
gsmarena 001 Windows Phone Mango update coming in a couple of weeks
When the update is released users will also get some model-specific software from the manufacturers of their smartphones. That is required as Mango is tuned to work with each phone and its apps perfectly. The update is said to arrive in the next couple of weeks .
Eric Hautala also advises users to get the updated versions of Windows Phone 7 connector for Mac and Zune for PC, which have received a number of update-related improvements. He did address the issue of non-official firmwares, which he advises users to stand clear of, as they interfere with updates. Phones with unofficial software versions may be unable to receive the real Mango when it rolls out.
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