Saturday, October 15, 2011

Google Q3 profits beat estimates, 190M Androids activated - news

14 October, 2011
Larry Page, who not so long ago took over as Google's CEO, handed in the company's Q3 financial results with a big smile on his face. Revenues were up 33% Year-on-Year (YoY) to $9.72 billion.
Of that cool 31% transferred into operating income ($3.06 billion) and 24% ($2.21 billion) went to advertisers. The same numbers for last year's Q3 were 35% ($2.55 billion) and 26% ($1.81 billion).

The number of paid clicks on Google's ads increased 28% YoY and 13% compared to the previous quarter of this year. They were 5% more expensive too, both YoY and consecutively.
Larry Page also boasted on Google+ that there are now 190 million activated Android devices around the world. Last time, that number was 135 million. The Google revenue from mobile devices also grew 2.5 times over the last year.
Google+ (which Page used to do the bragging) has hit 40 million users who have uploaded 3.4 billion photos. Another Google project - Chrome - is doing very well too, breathing down Firefox's neck for second place in the browser market with 200 million users.
If you want more numbers, check out Google's press release and have a look at Page's Google+ post too.
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