Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nokia 800 Sun coming up on Wednesday, will there be more? - GSMArena.com news

24 October, 2011
So, Nokia World starts in a couple of days in London, and the world is expecting to see Nokia's first Windows Phone-based smartphones. The Finns announced they are switching to the Microsoft platform in February, but only now are we going to see an actual device, resulting from this partnership.

What to expect on the event then?

Nokia 800 Sun, previously known as Sea Ray, will be there for sure. Its official photos and teaser are already doing the rounds, so it will be a real surprise if we don't see an official announcement on Wednesday. Nokia 800 looks much like the MeeGo-running N9, but for the slightly smaller screen and the addition of three haptic-feedback buttons.
Nokia 703 and 710 might also debut at Nokia World, while the Mango-running Nokia Sabre and Ace have also leaked a few times.
Smart money is on Nokia announcing at least two of those phones. Previously, the start of Nokia world was also rumored to coincide with the beginning of the Symbian Belle roll-out, but the Finns officially denied that.
Nokia World is less than two days away now, so it won’t be long before we see an actual WP7 Nokia smartphone. And we'll be there covering the whole thing live, so stick around for the latest updates.
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