Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WP7 Nokia W9 Sea Ray leaks again, confirms hardware keys - news

19 July, 2011

We just got another glimpse of the upcoming first Nokia Windows Phone 7 smartphone. A brief video of the Nokia W9 Sea Ray surfaced, showing its Mango OS in action. The styling similarity to the MeeGo-running N9 is confirmed once again, but the virtual keys rumors were disproved.
Unlike last time, when Stephen Elop himself was to blame for the leak, we cannot identify the demonstrator this time. However, the video is reportedly taking place right next to the smartphone's assembly line, so it should be a Nokia employee again.
We are not going to speculate on whether Nokia themselves are intentionally releasing those video or if they are genuine leaks, because it hardly matters. Instead, we'll just let you enjoy the video.

As you can see the Nokia W9, codenamed Sea Ray, will be coming with the three usual WP7 hardware keys - back, menu and search. The controls on the right are a pretty standard affair, too - volume rocker, power key and a shutter button. Also, we noticed that the unit has a RTM version of Mango, which should be almost as good as the final deal.
Logic points at an announcement at Nokia World at the end of October, but seeing the progress the Finns have been making we are getting optimistic that it might come even sooner.

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