Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nokia chooses Mexico as one of the lucky countries to get the N9 - GSMArena.com news

06 September, 2011 
Nokia has added another country to the list that will be getting the N9 and if you live in Mexico you have a reason to rejoice, assuming you have any interest in the N9 at all.
Nuevo Nokia N9 - ¡Próximamente en México! http://t.co/9NCTnL3 #NokiaN9Mon Aug 29 00:30:04 via Nokia | Connecting People

Yes, some lucky Mexicans will getting their hands on the N9.

Update: Meanwhile their US neighbors will obviously have to rely on retailers importing the smartphone as Nokia seems to have no plans of giving them a taste of MeeGo. Luckily, this won't take too much time as we already found a store that is accepting orders. Price is quite hefty at this stage, though.
Romania is another country to get the MeeGo nod from Nokia. The N9 page popped up on the Finnish company's Romanian website confirming that the Balkan country will be among the members of the first wave to experience the truly full-touch OS.
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